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Welcome to hotelRCA
An exhibition by the Design Products department of the Royal College of Art, London.

Hotel RCA takes the spaces and functions of a hotel, such as the Reception, bar, private bedrooms and service areas, as an organizational structure to exhibit a broad selection of new designs. At the RCA, Design Products is a two-year postgraduate masters course including many diverse design approaches, from ingenious and practical new products, to more speculative and contemplative works, and experiments with materials and techniques.

With about 75 students from 20 countries, the course is truly international. Hotel RCA includes work by many current students, and graduates from 2009. One of these designs, the folding electric plug by Min Kyu Choi, recently won the Brit Insurance Design of the Year award.

Students often work on collaborative projects with industrial partners. A recent project was an exploration of the new Ultradur plastic with BASF, the results of which are in this exhibition.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Hotel RCA!

We are open 10am- 8pm from the 14th- 18th April

How to get here from the Central Station:

Go to the Metro
Take Line No M2 (ABBIATEGRASSO-GESSATE) for 4 stops or
M2 every 3 min. get off at stop LAMBRATE

Walk 150 meters go to stop Stazione Lambrate M2

Take Line No 54 (Stz Lambrate - Baracchini) for 2 stops
Route:54 incoming every 5 min.
Get off at stop Via C. Flaminio Via Saccardo

Walk 700 meters to via Privata Cletto Arrighi, 16

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